Lesley Chorn Counselling Psychologist

I have been in private practice for 18 years. Becoming frustrated with the slowness of creating meaningful change in peoples’ lives, I started exploring methods that access the subconscious mind more directly and quickly. Exploring the efficacy of what helps and why on myself, I tried many different kinds of therapeutic modes. Many a time, the emotions are assisted by working directly on the body. Balance and calm the body, and the mind becomes calm and balanced too. For instance, I have found value in chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, body stress-release and body talk. I have also experienced and learned meditation and breathing techniques for stilling the mind. However, for me, the psychotherapy is the tool that ties it all together and helps give meaning and understanding to the whole process of healing and transformation.

I am fascinated with the art of healing in general. Over the years I have become intrigued as to why people lose themselves, and how they can re-gain their sense of self, their happiness and feeling of wholeness again. My understanding, now, is that they become disconnected to their body over time, either by stress and trauma, or by a very cognitive mind that is prone to excessive thinking. They do what they think they should do (often governed by fear), instead of what feels right.

Following the dictates of the mind and reason alone takes one away from the experience of just being “in the moment”, away from ones’ “felt sense”, ones intuition and ones’ connection to the divine. Getting out of the grips of an insistent mind is easiest when you begin to pay attention to and get absorbed by the senses (such as experiencing nature), through doing something physical in a conscious way, through some sort of meaningful ritual, such as prayer or meditation, doing breathing practices or other activities that bring joy, such as dance.

Knowing the importance of doing “non-mind” activities, I take every opportunity I can to do “other” activities….. such as hiking in the mountains or walking by the sea, meditating, gardening my veggie garden, making nutritious food, doing pilates, yoga or dance.

I am an open minded person, and endeavour to create a safe therapeutic space by accepting each and every person for whom they are, and where they are “at”.

I am the mother of 2 adult children. They are close to my heart and I strive to still be a support to them in whatever way is needed.

Other interests that I have are metaphysics and astrology. Astrology has personally helped me to understand myself and manage my life with more meaning. Although I generally do not make use of it in a therapeutic context, I am willing to do so if requested. Having a spiritual connection to life is important for me as it allows me to make sense of the world and life as it unfolds. I respect and encourage my clients’ connection with the divine as an important part in their healing process.


MS in Counselling, Johns Hopkins University, (USA)

EMDR, level 1 and 2, EMDRIA.

Hypnotherapy, Basic to Advanced, the Wellness Institute, (USA)

Ego State hypnotherapy, Intermediate level, SASCH

Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI), (USA), Advanced level

TRE (Level 2, Global Certification)

Diploma in Astrological Studies, Rod Suskin.