• Individual therapy: I work with all kinds of problems with adults, and older teens. I do not work with children. I have training in a number of specialised techniques for trauma resolution.

    Some of the issues covered are:

    Relationships, Personal growth, Death, Grief, Loss of relationship, Mood disorders, Childhood related issues, Chronic Pain, Addictions, Adjustment problems, Anger management, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Sexual Abuse and Molestation, Accidents, Body related issues, Poor self-worth, Negative thinking/ beliefs, Excessive thinking, OCD, Trauma.

    Standard sessions are generally 1 hour long. Breathwork is 2 hours long. Some of the EMDR sessions are extended sessions, taking between 1.5- 2 hours. Generally with therapy it is preferable to attend on a weekly basis, especially to start with. Thereafter sessions may be spaced according to time and budget. If a person has had a lot of childhood trauma or neglect, the therapeutic process tends to take longer than if the childhood has been more nurturing and safe.

  • Couple Counselling: If you want to come as a couple then come together in the first session please. If you come by yourself in the first session, you will be the primary client, so standard couple therapy will not be possible. If you come alone, you may later like to invite your partner into a session or two, but it will essentially be individual therapy. Rates are the same as for individual therapy.
  • Group Therapy and Group Breathwork: I facilitate groups of 3-4 people for breathwork. This is dependent on having sufficient people interested at the time. Group breathwork makes breathwork more affordable, as well as having the added energetic effect of having others’ presence in ones’ process.


  • Medical Aid: I do have a service of claiming directly from medical aids. In this case, I charge their standard rate, according to the number of hours taken. There are some of the medical aids will only pay for a clinical psychologist (I am a counselling psychologist). Please check with your medical aid first.
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) application: I do submit forms to medical aids to apply for PMB services (extra free psychotherapy sessions in lieu of a clinic stay). This applies for certain psychological conditions such as schizophrenia (I don’t work with schizophrenia), bi-polar mood disorder and some of the more moderate/ severe depressive disorders, even if the client only has a hospital plan. However, only some of the medical aids will pay for counselling psychologists; whereas others’ will only pay for a clinical psychologist. (I am a counselling psychologist). Please check with your medical aid.