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Counselling Psychologist

About Lesley

I am a registered counselling psychologist, having completed my Masters’ degree nearly 30 years ago. I am passionate about healing pain and finding inner peace. This has led me to do much searching and exploring over the years.

I gave up on pure talk therapy as I found that it did not sufficiently access the deeper parts of self that often held a key role. I started studying hypnotherapy, learning about the unconscious mind and how it operates, how healing happens. Looking for ever more efficient and speedy results I moved onto other methods, all the while applying these to my own life to test them out. Knowing that we must accept the consequences of the choices we make, I also aimed to understand myself better and to make better decisions for myself. I found astrology very useful for this, and so I studied astrology too.

My studies of the mind body connection have resulted in me developing a greater sense of understanding that when we are connected to ourselves, (especially to our bodies), our mind is quiet, and it is easier to be mindful and present in the moment. Then we can feel the presence of the divine. I am therefore spiritual in my approach, but I am not attached to any one religion. Whatever feels true for my client is good with me.

I have 2 adult children that now live overseas and whom I miss very much. I love swimming in the sea, walking in the mountains, gazing at the moonlight on the sea, pottering in my vegetable garden and dancing.


  • MS in Guidance and Counselling Johns Hopkins University, (USA) and post graduate courses, (UND).
  • Hypnotherapy, Advanced
  • Ego State Hypnotherapy, Intermediate
  • EMDR, Level 2
  • Somatic Experiencing, Advanced level
  • TRE, Level 2
  • Brainspotting, Levels 2
  • BWRT, Level 2
  • Astrology, Diploma: Rod Suskin

Online and In-Person