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Therapy Services


  • I am predominantly a therapist for adults. I also do work with more mature teens from age 16. I do not work with children. As I am trained in trauma, I am able to deal with a wide range of problems and issues. These include:
  • Trauma, Relationship issues, Dissociation, Death, Grief, Abandonment issues, Mood disorders, Chronic Pain, Addictions, Adjustment problems, Anger management, Anxiety disorders, Panic attacks, Depression, Sexual Abuse and Molestation, PTSD, Body dysmorphia, Poor self-worth, Negative thinking/ beliefs, Intrusive thinking., Bi-polar.
  • Standard sessions are generally 55 minutes long. Generally it is preferable to attend on a weekly basis, especially the first two months or so. Thereafter sessions may be spaced according to time and budget. If a person has had a lot of childhood trauma or neglect, the therapeutic process tends to take longer than if the childhood has been more nurturing and safe. Currently I am working mostly on zoom or whatever platform best suits my clients. From time to time I will see a person in-person when it is required. Certain methods are better suited to online and others, such as Breathwork and TRE, are best done in person.


  • Medical Aid: We do claim directly from medical aids if desired. In this case, I charge their standard rate, according to the number of hours taken. Please check with your medical aid if you have benefits.
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) application: We do submit forms to medical aids to apply for PMB services (extra free psychotherapy sessions in lieu of a clinic stay). This applies for certain psychological conditions (depression, bipolar), even if the client only has a hospital plan.
  • Cash: Payments can be made by EFT or Paypal.

Online and In-Person