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Breathwork is an “internal” personal journey that involves lying on a mat and breathing in a circular pattern. Such a breathing pattern enables one to get past the confines of the “logical mind”, and to experience a deeper sense of self, often with extraordinary states of awareness. Holotropic breathwork was originally developed by Dr Stanislav Grof.

Often suppressed memories of trauma or loss arise during a session, with accompanying feelings and body sensations. Bringing these blocks to consciousness by breathing allows for the release of the stuck energy and feelings. It may bring a profound sense of peace, blissfully deep relaxation and inner connection. Breathwork experiences may also bring up new ideas and inner direction.

Some people often experience physical symptoms in their body, for instance tingling, heat, cold, pressure, bliss, sometimes even pain, whilst others recall memories from childhood or even aspects associated with the “vulnerable” parts of self, such as forgotten traumas. Yet others have even been able to resolve problem in their lives, or even come to realizations of what they need to be doing in their lives. A small number of people may have mystical experiences.

Even although the sessions themselves have often been described as profound, their effect may still manifests in the days and weeks that follow, bringing about lasting change. Breathwork facilitates letting go. In the session it may result in letting go of the conscious mind into deeper levels of awareness. After the session you may find yourself more easily able to let go of that which no longer serves you.

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